Getting Your Documents Certified/ Notarised

Our online ID validation software ensures you get validated quickly and simply. If, however, you are not able to complete or pass the online ID validation, we will require the following to ensure that your account is fully compliant: A copy of your photo ID and recent proof of address will need to be certified by a registered professional. 

Certifying a document means the document is being confirmed as a true copy of the original: this is signed and dated by a professional person.

  • What documents are acceptable?
  • Who can certify documents?
  • UK and EU Residents
  • Non-UK and Non-EU Residents
  • What should a certified document look like
  • What documents are acceptable?

    - 1 x Government-issued photo identity document (valid)

    • Passport (International)
    • Driving licence
    • National identity card

    - 1 x Proof of residence document (dated with 3 months)

    • Utility bill (e.g. water, electricity, gas)
    • Telephone bill (mobile phone bills not accepted)
    • Insurance letter (e.g. motor, medical, life)
    • Mortgage statement
    • Council tax bill (current year)
    • Bank statement or credit card bill
    • TV licence fee
    • Cash flow statement (e.g. pension / inheritance)
    • HMRC tax notification
    • Polling card 
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Certificate of residence (overseas residents)

    Who can certify documents?

    UK and EU Residents

    The following professional person or authority can certify documents:

    • Made Simple (You must come to our office with original documents**)
    • Post Office
    • Bank or Building Society Official
    • Chartered Accountant
    • Solicitor/ Lawyer or Notary (fully qualified)
    • Local Town Hall

    ** You cannot bring ID and/ or Proof of address for any other person other than yourself. In other words, the person to whom the document belongs must be present in order for us to certify them.

    Non-UK and Non-EU Residents

    The following professional person or authority can certify documents:

    • Notary public
    • Justice of the Peace
    • Embassy Official
    • Consulate or High Commission Officer
    • Commissioner of Oaths or equivalent

    The following persons cannot certify documents:

    • Yourself
    • Those related to you
    • Living at the same address
    • In a relationship with you
    • Working for the same firm, i.e. colleague or partner
    • Be retired
    • Resident of / operating in a different country

    What should a certified document look like?

    You will need to present the original documents to the registered professional and ask them to certify the copies in person (electronic certification is not accepted) by :

    1. Writing: "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me" on the document 
    2. Signing and dating the document
    3. Printing their name under the signature
    4. Adding their occupation, address and telephone number 
    5. Stamp the document with their company stamp (mandatory)

      Please Note: The certification must be present on the actual document that has been scanned to be validated successfully. Please see the image below for a visual representation.

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