How do I add / use Credit on account?

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What is credit?

Having credit on your account will mean you can use it towards any future purchases on Companies Made Simple. It does not have to be used all at once and will last indefinitely on your account. If the credit on your account does not cover the cost of your purchase then you will need to top the credit up to the amount in which will cover the cost.

How do I add credit onto my account?

  1. Log in to your Companies Made Simple account.
  2. On your dashboard, click on "My Credit".
  3. Then enter in the amount you want to add and click make payment.
  4. Enter in the billing information and your credit will be added.

How do I use the credit on my account?

  1. Log in to your Companies Made Simple account.
  2. Add the service you want to purchase to your basket and go to checkout.

  3. Select "Use credit to make this payment" and then "Pay with Credits".

Why would I use credit?

If you would prefer not to enter your card details each time you wish to buy a service, you can add an amount of credit (of your choosing) to your account via a one-off payment. Future payments are then knocked off of this credit.


Made a mistake with your purchase? Then rather than waiting for bank processing times to receive your refund back to your account, you can simply ask us to refund you as credit on your account and we can process this within 24 hours for it to be used for any of our services in the future.

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