How do I access my scanned statutory mail?

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The Digital Mailroom

When you use our address as the registered office your company's Government* mail will arrive at our address. We will then scan this across to you within 1 working day using our state-of-the-art digital scanner.

*With this service we can process mail from the organisations listed in this article.

What happens with the scan?

Once we have scanned the item of statutory mail, the system will automatically forward this on to the email address linked to your account with us on Companies Made Simple.

It is also safely stored in your Companies Made Simple account in case you cannot locate the email we sent you.

How to access your statutory mail from your online account

  1. Log in to your Companies Made Simple account.
  2. Either select "Company Inbox" from the drop down menu in "My Account" or from the "Dashboard"

  3. Click on "Download"

Post Status

When you access your company inbox and you see an item of statutory mail that has been scanned, you will notice a column called "Post Status". Within this you will see one of two options:

Available - Your service is fully up to date and your scan is available to download instantly.
Pending - You do not have the service active with us which could be because you have not renewed your service with us or have not provided us with your proof of ID and/ or proof of address . Clicking on "Access Post" will take you into a payment page which will allow you to renew the relevant service required to view your Government mail or present the requirement for ID.

I want the original copy of my mail to be sent to me

If you want the original item of Government post forwarded to you to keep for your records, then that's no problem! You just need to contact us within 7 days of receiving your scan and request it to be sent to your address. We will then arrange for it to be forwarded on.

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