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Use our address to protect your director, shareholders, secretaries and people with significant control (PSCs).

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What do I get with the Service Address service?

Protect your directors, shareholders, secretaries and people with significant control (PSCs)

All company officers must provide an address, known as a ‘service address’, where they can be contacted. By law, this information is automatically published on the  Public Register and cannot be removed.

By using an officer’s residential address as their service address, it opens the possibility of the officer being targeted. Not only could someone identify your company’s address, but they could specifically look up your directors and shareholders by name and find their addresses too.  Use our London address to keep your address private.

Perfect if you live in a rented property

If you are in temporary accommodation and need to move, using our address can save the inconvenience of changing your address details - and stationery! 
Similarly, many rental agreements prevent the use of the rented address as a registered office. If not explicitly prevented, permission must be sought from the landlord which can be difficult to get.

What do I need to know if I don't renew?

  • You will need to update the service address for each of your officers to an alternative address from ours.
    The address/es of your directors, shareholders, secretaries and people of significant control (PSCs) will be on the Public Register, which anyone could look up and potentially use to target company officers. There’s nothing in place to prevent a someone - from curious customers to malicious intent - from turning up at their home.

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