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Use our address as your company’s registered office to keep your own address confidential and off the public register.

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What do I get with the Registered Office service?

Protect your own address

Every company’s registered office is automatically published on the  Public Register, for anyone to see. This is a legal consequence of running a limited company and it cannot be removed. Because this information is public, it is taken by credit checking agencies and data list companies who sell your address to marketers and junk mailers.

If you use a residential address as the registered office, nothing is in place to stop unexpected visitors turning up on your doorstep. Use our London address to keep your address private.

Increase your credibility with a prestigious London address

In business, first impressions count a great deal. Using your home address can make you look unprofessional and potentially damage your reputation. Our central London address greatly improves your corporate identity, creating trustworthiness and increasing your credibility.

We forward the mail you need, and block junk mail

Your Government mail* will be scanned to you (if you want it to be posted also, you just need to contact us within 7 days of receiving the mail and we can post it to you, wherever you are in the world, with nothing to pay for postage).

*With this service we can process mail from the organisations listed in this article

We’ll also block unsolicited junk mail (there’s a lot!) so you only get your company’s Government mail. 

Perfect if you live in a rented property

If you are in temporary accommodation and need to move, using our address can save the inconvenience of changing your address details - and stationery! 
Similarly, many rental agreements prevent the use of the rented address as a registered office. If not explicitly prevented, permission must be sought from the landlord which can be difficult to get.

Ideal for non-UK residents

A UK limited company must have a UK based registered office. Using our central London address ensures your company is compliant and you can continue business as usual, wherever you are in the world.

What do I need to know if I don't renew?

  • You will need to update your company’s registered office to an alternative address from ours.
    This updated address will be on the Public Register, available for anyone to see. Please be aware that other companies or individuals can (and do) search for a company’s registered office and turn up unexpectedly.

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