Trading (Business) Address vs Registered Office

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Trading (Business) Address 

  • This is where you actually do your business 
  • Used for general business contacts like clients, banks and lenders
  • It may be your home address or an alternative address you work from 
  • Not shown on the public record

Please note: HMRC will ask for a trading address when signing up to HMRC services - e.g when registering for VAT, our address cannot be used for this purpose. 

Registered office 

  • This is the address which your company is registered at Companies House 
  • Government mail is sent to this address
  • Shown on the public record
  • Our Registered Office Service can be used as your official address for your company

You can use the same address as your registered office, however, you must work from the address - meaning you conduct your business activities there.

If you use our London N1 Registered Office

Although we offer a London N1 Registered Office address as part of our service - means you cannot claim to physically work from here.

Business stationery

If you do not wish to reveal your home address, our Mail Forwarding Service can you allow the option of using our London N1 address on your invoices, emails, business cards, etc.

Depending on the business material, your trading address will need to be displayed at the top, and the registered office must also be shown at the bottom (usually in small print).

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