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What is an Authentication Code?

An authentication code is a 6 digits alphanumeric code issued to each company by Companies House. The code enables the submission of data for an individual company and is the electronic equivalent of a company officer's signature.

When is an Authentication Code needed?

The code is needed when you need to submit any information about your company electronically. You will need this code when making any company changes through your MadeSimple account or using Companies House online filing services. 

Where can I find my Authentication Code?

The authentication code is located in the online account you have with us.

You will need to:

  1. Log in.
  2. Click My Companies, and click on your company name.
  3. The authentication code is located on the fourth row in the Company Details section.

Invalid or expired Authentication Code

If your authentication code has expired or it's invalid, you will not be able to submit any changes online through your account.

You will see an error message when this happens, and will need to request a new code from Companies House:

  1. Log in (or register if new to the service) to Companies House Webfiling service.
  2. Select Request Authentication Code.
  3. Enter your company registration number.
  4. Select Request code.
  5. Companies House will post your new code to your company’s registered office. Once received, you will need to enter the new code by clicking the Update Code button from your account, and then clicking the Sync Data with Companies House button:

Looking after your Authentication Code

It is important to treat your company's authentication code with the same care you would your bank PIN number. Anyone with access can change your company's details online. If you’re contacted by someone asking for your code and claiming to be from Companies House, you should report it to Companies House immediately.

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