Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A's)

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What are M&A's?

Every UK limited company must have a memorandum and articles of association under the Companies Act 2006, which must be delivered to Companies House when incorporating a company.
If you incorporate your company with us you can choose to use our model M&A's as provided by Companies House. 

The M&A's are comprised of two parts:

The Memorandum 
The memorandum is a single-page document where the subscriber agrees to become members of the company. The memorandum includes:

  • the company name
  • the subscriber
  • having a share capital or not having a share capital

The Articles of Association 

Articles of association set out the rules for how the officers must follow when running their companies. 

Uploading your own custom M&A's

Companies may alter these documents to suit their own particular methods and procedures which they intend to adopt. However, the standard M&A's are fine to use as is. If you set up your company with us, there will be an option to upload your own M&A's. You can request a copy of the memorandum of association template from customer support to use as a guide.

Please note: we cannot legally change the articles on your behalf or provide professional advice on changing them. Therefore, you could either change them yourself or seek professional advice.

Where can I find a copy of my M&A's?

A copy of your M&A's and other documents can be downloaded from your account. Click here for instructions.

Making changes to your M&A's

Any changes to the M&A's will need to:

  • be agreed by all members (only if you have more than one director or shareholder)
  • have the new M&A's written and sent to Companies House
  • and you will need to create a resolution and send this within 15 days to Companies House

Depending on why you’re making the change you may also need to fill in one of the following:

Please note any changes to the M&A's are to be done yourself or with an accountant/ solicitor. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for you.

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