Apply for a Barclays business bank account

Every limited company requires a bank account to start trading. We've teamed up with Barclays to offer a business bank account for UK residents who formed their company through one of our formation packages
Please note: the Barclays bank business account is available to UK residents only. If you are based outside the UK, click here for further information. 

In this article:

What's included?

With the bank account you will receive:

  • A debit card and/or credit card (if applicable)
  • £50-£75 cash back (depending on the formation package you choose)
  • A personal service
  • 12 months free banking
  • Flexible loans

    And much more...

More details available on and in branch from your Local Barclays Business Manager.

How it works

4 simple steps:

  1. The option to choose the Barclays business bank account is presented to you during your company registration
  2. Fill out a contact information form
  3. Submit your company registration
  4. Within 2-3 working days, a Barclays business manager will contact you to arrange an appointment to go into your local branch. 

When your account has been succesfully opened, you can claim your cash back.

How to apply

Company not yet set up?
The option to choose the Barclays business bank account is presented to you during your company registration. Check how it works

Company already incorporated?
If your company is incorporated (i.e., you have a company number) and you forgot to apply during the online company registration, it's not too late to apply:

  1. Go to My Companies and click on your company name (login required).
  2. Click the Apply Now button. You will then need to select Barclays option and fill out your contact details.

Once submitted, Barclays will contact you within 2-3 working days to arrange an appointment.
 Alternatively,  you can apply by contacting our  customer support. We'll send your details to Barclays, and they'll contact you within 2-3 working days to arrange an appointment.

Wholesale/Professional account?
If you have a Wholesale/Professional account, there will be an option to select that you are referring your client on their behalf. Please also ensure to enter your client's information and not yours.


What information do I need to bring to my bank account appointment?
Barclays will confirm what documents you will need to bring. This includes proof of ID and address, your incorporation documents, etc.

I've forgotten whether I applied for the Barclays bank account. How can I check whether I did?
Please contact our customer support, we'll check for you.

I applied for the bank account using the MadeSimple referral, but I have not heard from Barclays. Is there something I can do?
Yes, you can contact Barclays on 0800 515 462 to arrange an appointment. 

My bank account is now open. How do I claim my cash back?
You can claim your cash back by going to

Can I apply if I'm an international resident?
Unfortunately, our Barclays bank referral is available to UK residents only. However, you can apply for a bank account through our Banking International Package. Alternatively, you may be able to open a bank account with Barclays under certain circumstances; you will need to call them directly on 01624 684684.

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