I have a Registered Office service with you. So why are you returning my mail?

With the registered office service, we receive and forward Government mail only.

The forwarding of personal/ business mail, e.g., from your bank, customers, suppliers, etc., is not covered under the registered office service. If we receive anything outside of the accepted mail list for the Registered Office Service we will unfortunately be unable to process the items of mail. 

If you would like to receive all (including personal/business) mail at our offices, you may be interested in a virtual office service. Alternatively, you can provide your suppliers, customers, clients, etc., a different address for them to send their mail.

IMPORTANT: If you either have the registered office or both services and your letters are still being returned to sender, it may be because we have not received your proof of ID and/ or your proof of address , if not then please contact us.

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