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VAT Registration FAQs

Why register for VAT?
If your business sells or provides taxable supplies to another business or non-business customer, you must be registered to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) when your turnover exceeds the VAT threshold of £85,000 (2017-2018 rate) within 12 months. 
If you are not VAT registered, you are not able to reclaim any VAT charges that you pay when you purchase goods or services from another VAT-registered business.

Is my company automatically VAT registered?
No. A company is not automatically VAT registered when incorporated as not every company needs to be VAT registered. Please check whether your company is legally required to register for VAT.

How does the online VAT application process work?
Once you purchase the VAT registration assistance service, we'll email you the application form (with guidance notes) that you will need to complete and e-mail back to us. Once we have checked over your form, we will create a Government Gateway account and will submit your application online. 

We will then email you HMRC's Acknowledgement Reference Number as confirmation of submission along with new user login details. 
It takes around 4-6 weeks for HMRC to process. Once your application has been successful, you will receive a VAT registration certificate with your VAT registration number. 

I've bought your service, what happens if I've made a mistake on my application?
If your form is incomplete or contains any errors, a member from our friendly team will contact you to obtain the correct information. Only once all relevant sections of the form are accurate will it be sent to HMRC.

When completing the form, what address should I use as my business address?
The business address refers to your actual trading address and cannot be our address (20-22 Wenlock Road), even if you currently have a registered office service with us.

There are some questions on the application I do not understand. Can you help me?
As well as emailing your VAT application, we also attach guidance notes to use for help when filling out the questions. 
If you have used the guidance notes and still do not understand the question, leave it blank and move on to the other questions. Return your application to back us. If anything needs to be amended our Admin department will contact you and fill it in for you. Alternatively, you can email for help.

I did not receive the VAT forms. Can you resend them again?
When you purchase our service, we will automatically send you an order confirmation email with the VAT form attached. If you've double checked your inbox and junk folder, and it's not there, please contact us.

Can all companies use the VAT assistance service?
The VAT assistance service is for companies Limited by shares. Unfortunately, we cannot complete the VAT registration for other types of companies such as LLPs.

I am not from the UK. Can I still apply for VAT?
Yes, but you will need a UK bank account. If you have a foreign Tax ID, you must also supply 3 items of documentary evidence as proof of identity when registering for VAT. 

These 3 items must be:

  • 1 copy of government-issued photo identification, such as a passport, photo driver’s licence or national identity card, and 
  • 2 copies of correspondence that includes your name and address, such as a bank / credit card statement or a recent utility bill.

Can you register my company for the VAT Flat Rate Scheme?
We can register your company for this scheme if eligible. Check here to see if your company meets the criteria. If eligible, please place an order for the VAT registration assistance service. We will then email you the application form to complete. Please clearly indicate that you would like to be registered for the flat rate scheme when you email back your completed application. Otherwise, your company will be registered for the standard rate by default.

See future changes to the VAT flat rate scheme - April 2017.

Do I need a UK bank account in order to charge VAT?
A UK bank account must be held in the UK, and the name of the account must match the business name when registering for VAT - includes non-UK companies.

What if I'm waiting for my bank account to be set up. Can I still apply for VAT?
You don't have to wait for the bank account to be set up in order to apply, as bank details can be added later on if necessary. You would just need to mark 'PENDING' in the relevant section of the form if you wish to apply now.

Where do I find my VAT number?
When you register for VAT, HMRC will send you a VAT certificate with a VAT number on it. You should make a note of it.

PAYE Registration FAQs

Why register for PAYE?
If you intend to hire employees, including yourself, you will need to register as an employer with HMRC. The system used by HMRC is referred to as 'Pay As You Earn' (PAYE) and collects Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) from eligible employees. You don’t need to register for payroll records.

I am both the director and shareholder in my company. Do I still need to register for PAYE?
You will need to register for PAYE if you’re employing yourself, i.e, if you pay yourself £112 or more a week taken from the company sales or profits.

How does the PAYE application process work?
Once you purchase the PAYE registration assistance service, we'll send you the form to complete. Once you have completed our online form and it has been approved by us, we will submit an application to HMRC on your behalf. 
Then, once you've been successfully registered as an employer with HMRC, you'll receive a letter in the post with your PAYE reference as well as a link for a guide to help get you started with reporting payroll. 

What information is needed for me to register for PAYE?
When filling out the online form, you will need to provide your contact details as well as the following information:

  • Business trading address
  • Description of what the company does
  • The number of employees (can be just the director)
  • When the first pay day will be
  • Whether the pay will come to more than £390 per month
  • If they are sub-contractors
  • The director's name and National Insurance number

Please note: You cannot register for PAYE more than 2 months before your first payment to your employees.

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