Confirmation Statement FAQs

What is a Confirmation Statement?

A confirmation statement (CS01) is a snapshot of general information about a company's directors, secretaries (where one has been appointed), registered office address, shareholders, share capital and people with significant control. The confirmation statement was previously known as the annual return (since 30 June 2016).

How often must a Confirmation Statement be filed?

Every company must file a confirmation statement to Companies House at least once every 12 months. The window for filing the confirmation statement must be within 14 days after the anniversary of incorporation or of the made-up date of the last confirmation statement.

How do I file my Confirmation Statement

You can file your confirmation statement via Company Formation MadeSimple. We can fill in and submit the statement on your behalf. Alternatively, you can file it yourself via Companies House.

What details do I need to file my own Confirmation Statement (DIY)?

You will need the following details to file your confirmation statement:

  • Principal Business Activity (if you have not already specified this in a previous return) – we will provide a list for you to choose from.
  • Details of any changes to your shareholders (transfers, issue of shares etc)
  • That’s it. Our system does the rest!

View our article for instructions on  how to complete your Confirmation Statement DIY.

How do Company Formation MadeSimple's Confirmation Statement services work?

We will prepare your confirmation statement in accordance with the due date unless you purchase the Express Service, in which case, we’ll prepare it within 24 hours.*
Once prepared we will email you and request that you review the confirmation statement. 

If you're happy with the confirmation statement you can accept it - it will then be filed with Companies House. If a change needs to be made, simply reject the confirmation statement and let us know what needs changing. We will then make the requested change and ask that you review it again. 

* Please see our General Terms and Conditions.

What details do you require to file my Confirmation Statement?

In most cases, we can prepare your confirmation statement without requesting any information from you. If we do require additional information, we will email you. If you have transferred or issued shares during the year you would need to let us know.

Are share transfers included in the Confirmation Statement?

Share transfers for the year are recorded on the confirmation statement. We will be able to update the confirmation statement in respect of the share transfer/s taking place upon your instruction. The limit for the recording of shareholder changes in an application with this service is 3.

Can I purchase your Confirmation Statement Services if I did not set up my company through you?

Yes, you will first need to import your company onto our system if you haven't already. The import feature is located on your dashboard, once you are logged in. You will need your company number and web filing authentication code. Once imported, you are then able to purchase the service.

Can I purchase a Confirmation Statement and Annual Accounts together?

If your company is dormant and has never traded from incorporation, we do offer a special bundle which will allow us to deal with both of your filing obligations with Companies House for the year to take the weight off your mind. Click here if you would like to purchase (or find out more about) this bundle.

Please note: If you have traded with your company at all, we cannot assist with your annual accounts.

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