Virtual Office: Mail Forwarding Service FAQs

How does this service work?

The Mail Box Basic service will provide you with a central London address that you can then give to your clients, customers, bank etc. We will forward all business/personal mail (excluding official/statutory mail).
Once the letter arrives at our offices, our post team will process it within 24 hours and post it to your address via 1st class.

Please note: The Virtual Office mail forwarding service is not the same as the registered office mail forwarding service

What is included with the mail forwarding service?

  • 3 month forwarding services
  • £20 postage deposit
  • Letters sent 1st class
  • Letters forwarded within 24 hours

Are there any charges involved?

The charges for forwarding mail to you are as follows:

  • A complimentary £20 account deposit is included in the price when you purchase the mail forwarding service. However, you will need to top up the deposit once it runs out*
  • The standard Royal Mail postage costs and a 30p handling charge per letter will be deducted from your postage deposit.

*You will be notified when your deposit runs below £5 so you can top up your deposit without disruption to your services.

Can I put this address on my website, business cards, flyers, etc?

Yes, you can use the N1 address for marketing and advertising purposes.

Is the mail forwarding address the same as the registered office address?

Yes, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.

Can I use the address to receive bank correspondence?

Yes, you can provide your bank with the N1 address. Any mail from your bank will be sent here and forwarded to you.

The mail forwarding service includes forwarding of letters from your:

  • clients/customers
  • suppliers
  • your bank

And any other mail regarded as personal/business mail.

Will you send HMRC/Companies House mail to me?

Unfortunately not. We are unable to forward any HMRC, Companies House or official government mail with this service. If you wish to receive your government mail at our N1 address and have it sent on to you, the  Registered Office Service is required. However, you may use an alternative address.

Anything classified as official mail is not covered under the mail forwarding service, unfortunately, will be returned to sender.

Do you offer a service where you can forward all my mail?

You can purchase both the Mail Forwarding and a Registered Office Service together. Both services will cover the forwarding of all mail.

Can you send on parcels?

Parcels are not included in the price of the Mail Box Basic package. If you wish to receive parcels at our address you can sign up to our Mail Box Plus service.

Can you post items overseas?

Yes, we can post your mail to anywhere you request as long as it is a valid postal address.

Will you send out mail that I write to my clients for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send out any business or personal mail to your clients on your behalf.

Can you scan and email the letters to me instead?

The scan option is not included in the Mail Box Basic package. However, we have other packages that offer scanning of letters, please visit Virtual Office Made Simple.

Do you offer any other packages?

Yes, our alternative mail forwarding and phone services are available via our sister company, Virtual Office Made Simple.

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