International Package FAQs

What is included in this package?

The International Package includes:

  • Quick and simple online formation
  • A UK registered office address
  • A UK service address
  • Official digital and printed company documents
  • Filing your first confirmation statement
  • International mail forwarding
  • The option to open a TransferWise borderless account

Is there a renewal fee for this package?

Yes, there is a yearly renewal fee. After year 1, if you wish to continue to use our Registered Office and Service Address and also want us to prepare and file your confirmation statement then this package has a renewal fee (highlighted International package renewal).

Do I need to provide you with ID?

Yes. We have a legal obligation to check proof of ID and address for all UK and non-UK customers who purchase either our Privacy, Comprehensive, Ultimate, International packages, and our registered office and service address services. Read the proof of ID and address document checklist to find out what documents you can submit.

What if I do not have a UK address that I can use for the Registered Office?

This package includes our Registered Office Service; this means that you can use our London address as your company’s Registered Office. This includes the forwarding of any Companies House or HMRC mail that we receive at no extra cost.

What if non-HMRC/Companies House mail is sent to the Registered Office?

This package also includes our Mail Forwarding Service. This means that we will forward on any other mail that we receive for you or your company, wherever you are in the World, via Royal Mail. The cost of forwarding your mail will be taken from a £20 postage deposit this is included in the package price. When this runs out, we will ask you to top it up.

What if I don’t want to use the Registered Office or Mail Forwarding Service?

That’s absolutely fine – there is no obligation to use these services. Please note that price of the package will remain the same.

Can I open a UK bank account once my company has been incorporated?

The International Package comes with the option to open a TransferWise borderless account - an Electronic Money account that can be used like a bank account in many cases.

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