Reserve a Company Name Service FAQs

How does your service work?

Once the Reserve a Company Name Service is ordered, we will send you an email with an application form attached, simply send us the completed form back via email and we will process it and submit it to Companies House. The company will be formed within 3 working hours, although most formations are completed on the same day.
This service last for 1 year, within that time, we will file your confirmation statement, dormant company accounts, and any other statutory requirements.

Why would I want to reserve a company name?

The purchase of a company under the Reserve a Company service implies that no trading of any sort is undertaken in the name you wish to reserve (i.e. no significant accounting transactions during a financial year).

Is this service available for all limited companies?

No, the service is only available for companies limited by shares and registered in England and Wales.

Why does a limited company have to be created to reserve a name?

It is not possible to have more than one company with the same name. If you are thinking of starting your own company but are not quite ready, by reserving a name you make sure no-one else takes the name you want. 
If you are running a business by yourself or as a partnership, reserving the name makes certain that a company does not set up with the same name as your business.

Do I have to worry about the responsibilities of owning a limited company?

No, you will not. The company will be incorporated using our Registered Office address in N1 but you will stand as Director and Shareholder.  
There is an annual renewal fee for keeping the company. This includes the registered office service and the filing of the confirmation statement and dormant accounts each year. 
While we are providing the Reserve a Company Name service, you should not trade as a limited company with it as filing dormant accounts while trading is an offence.

Can I still trade as a sole trader while using this service?

Yes, absolutely. This will have no impact your existing registered dormant company until you decide you want to trade as a limited company instead.

Can I reserve a company using any words I want?

No, reserved companies, are subject to the same rules as limited companies and sensitive words cannot be used.

Why do I need to have LTD or Limited at the end of the name?

It needs to be a Ltd company for us to be able to register it at Companies House and reserve the name. If you're a sole trader using this service, simply exclude the 'limited' when using the company name.

Do I get an incorporation certificate?

You will get a copy of the incorporation certificate only once the service has ended. Your company details will, however, be available for you to view in the My Companies section of your online account.

Will you remind me when the reserved name is due for renewal?

Yes, reminders will be sent out once a week for three weeks before the expiry date in each year. If you fail to renew in time, the service will be terminated.

What happens if I no longer want the reserved name?

Contact us and we will take ownership of the company and deal with it for you.

What if I now want to trade with the reserved company name?

Once you decide to trade simply advise us to cancel the service, we will unlock your account. Please remember, you now have the responsibilities of keeping up-to-date with your company's annual requirements.

Why can't I access my company details from my online account?

While the company is reserved for you, it is 'locked'. This means you will only be able to see the basic information for the company and will not be able to make any changes to it.

When I've purchased the transfer, can I have two shareholders?

Yes, however, only 1 new shareholder is required at the transfer stage, and then afterwards you can issue more share/s to further shareholders.

Once the company has been transferred over, how long does it take for me to be fully in control of the company?

Once you have purchased the transfer service, our nominee appointments will be resigned within 24 hours.
You can either complete the document attached in the purchase confirmation email and send it through to us to do the transfer, or you can log into your management portal to appoint your new company officers yourself.
You will also be required to update your registered office to another address unless you purchase the registered office service from us.

IMPORTANT: Please note that failure to appoint your own company officers will result in your company being in default with Companies House and they may, therefore, strike your company from the register.

The transfers have been done, why am I not the shareholder?

When the transfer is done, we send you a completed J30 form (stock transfer form). This is a legal document that states the share held by our nominee has now been transferred to you. The shareholder information will only update on the online register once the confirmation statement is filed.

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