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The Privacy, Comprehensive, Ultimate and International packages all include services that will be due for renewal after the first year of purchase. That is if you want to continue using our London registered office, service address and filing of your confirmation statement (the Privacy Package excludes filing of the confirmation statement). 

NB: There is no annual renewal fee for the Basic or Risk-Free packages.

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How do I find out when my service is due for renewal?

Your renewal date is shown on your account, just log in and click My Services (login required), we will also send you reminder emails 15 days before the expiry date (unless you are set up on automatic renewals in which case it will be 3 days before). Please note if you renew before the expiry date, the services will start from the end date of the current service and not the date you renew. 

It is important to keep up to date with your payments to avoid disruption to your services. If your payment becomes overdue, your service will be limited and after 28 days will be suspended. 

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Ultimate and International Package Renewal

The Ultimate and International Package Renewal only covers the renewal of the registered office, service address, and confirmation statement. The Mail Forwarding service is not included as part of this renewal, but can be renewed separately from Virtual Office Made Simple (London Presence).

The mail forwarding service is provided by our sister company Virtual Office MadeSimple; you will receive a reminder email when the service is due for renewal. All you will need to do is simply log in to your Virtual Office account to make the renewal payment.

Alternatively, should you not wish to renew the Mail Forwarding but want to continue with the other services (registered office, service address, and confirmation statement), simply reply to the reminder email that you do not want to renew or email along with your company name or number.

The service will end automatically, and no further payments will be taken. This will not affect the other services that you renew, as they will continue for another year.

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How to renew your service

You can renew your services via the  Renewals fee page.

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Cancel your services

If you no longer want a Company Formation MadeSimple service, firstly we encourage you to get in touch so we can talk about your options as there may be a service better suited to your needs.

If you do decide to proceed with cancelling your service or services, please:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select My Services.
  3. Click the ‘cancel’ link next to the service that you wish to stop.
  4. Provide your reason for cancelling:

5. Our system will check if there are any actions required on your part before cancelling the service. For example, if you have a registered office and/or service address, you must update the address/es to an alternative address before we can process the cancellation:

If there is an outstanding requirement you will not be able to cancel until this has been met (we will notify you of what needs to be done).

6. If all checks pass, confirm the cancellation by clicking the ‘I confirm…’ checkbox and then click the ‘Cancel the service’ button:

7. You will receive an email as soon as the cancellation has been processed.

Please note: if you do not cancel a service and your renewal date passes, you will owe us for that renewal payment.

Any questions? Please do get in touch.

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