How to change your company name

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Change your company name during company registration

If you have not yet submitted your online company registration, you can still change the company name free of charge:

  1. From your dashboard (login required), continue to your online company registration.
  2. Select the desired banking option.
  3. On the next page, click the Change company name button and enter the name.
  4. Click the Search button to see if the name is available, then click Continue.
    If the name is not available, you will be prompted to enter an alternative name. Once your new name is accepted, you can continue with the rest of your application.

Change your company name after incorporation

If you made a spelling error with the company name or you simply just want to change it, you will need to complete form NM01 either online or via post. This then needs to be filed at Companies House.

You can change your company name with our online Company Name Change service, this generally is completed within a working day but is subject to the workload at Companies House. The service includes checking name availability and Companies House filing fee, and the change of name certificate.

Alternatively, you can apply to change your company name directly with Companies House

Please note: Company name change submissions which include sensitive words in your new company name, cannot be filed online. Therefore, you will need to file the paper NM01 form along with permission to use the sensitive word directly to Companies House.

I already changed my company name at Companies House. How do I update you?

If you have successfully changed your name at Companies House, you will just need to click the "Sync Data" button via the account you have with us:

  1. Go to My Companies (login required). 
  2. Click on your company name. 
  3. Click Sync Data with Companies House.

You should see your new company name appear on the page:

Your new company name will update with our postal system within 24 working hours. 

Seen an error?
You must have a valid authentication code to complete the above steps. If you have an invalid or expired code, you need to request a new code.

If you also have a Virtual Office MadeSimple account, you can change your company name via My Services (login required).

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