How to update your company information

You can update the following via your online admin portal (login required) free of charge:

  • Registered Office address
  • Officer details, i.e, service address (directors, PSCs and secretaries only)
  • Appoint and resign directors, PSCs and secretaries

The submission is then sent to Companies House, who will approve these changes within 3 working hours (excluding bank holidays and weekends). We'll send you an email once confirmed.   

Shares or shareholder information cannot be updated via your online admin portal; you will need to file the relevant forms and then update the new information via your confirmation statement.

You'll need:

How to update your company information

  1. Go to My Companies (login required).
  2. Click on your company name and then you will reach your company admin page.
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate section and click Edit/Update.
  4. Save the changes.

Please note: you will not see the changes in your account until Companies House approves it.

If you've changed any information directly at Companies House, click the "sync data with companies house" button from your account. This will ensure we're up to date with your details.

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