UK Registered Office

If you want to set up a UK company, the registered office must be based in the UK. 
The address must be:

  • a physical address (not a virtual address)
  • in the same country that your company is registered in

The registered office address does not need to be an actual office; you can use a home address (as long as the address is based in the UK, and you have permission to use it). If you do not have access to one, some of our company formation packages include a UK - London registered office address.

What if I want to set up an Irish or Scottish company?

If you'd like to set up a Scottish company, it must have a registered office address based in Scotland. The same goes for a Northern Ireland company, the registered office address must be in Northern Ireland. 
Please note, an England/Wales company cannot switch to a Scottish or Irish company and vice-versa.

Can I use a PO BOX address?

Yes. You can use a PO BOX as your registered office only if the full address including the house number/name, road name and postcode is supplied. For example PO BOX 321, 1 High Street, London W1 7YY.

Can I use my residential address?

Yes, but it must be a UK address and it will be shown on the public record. You cannot use a non-UK address as the registered office.

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