My company registration has been rejected

If your company registration has been rejected, you should have received an email from us with a reason and explanation on how to amend your registration. 
Once the amendments are completed, you can resubmit the company registration online free of charge.

To resubmit your company registration:

Go to My Companies (login required) and click on your company name
Make the necessary amendments
Go to the Summary page and press Submit
Once the company registration has is resubmitted, we will send you a confirmation email and again once your company has been incorporated.

If you change your mind and decide not to resubmit your company registration, you can either:
  • save it future use (the application is automatically saved)

  • request a refund (within 14 days of purchase)

IMPORTANT: If you decide to resubmit your application again, Companies House will aim to incorporate the company within 3 working hours (excluding bank holidays and weekends). However, the time can vary if resubmitted after 2pm, on a weekend or a bank holiday.

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