Service Address Service FAQs

What is a Service Address?

When a company is incorporated, a director must include their residential address and a service address. The service address will be on the public record at Companies House; the residential address will be protected information and is not available to the public (although it is available to some public authorities). Shareholders and secretaries only need to supply one address each - a service address.

What is Company Formation MadeSimple’s Service Address service?

Our Service Address service lets company directors, secretaries and shareholders use our 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU address as their service address.

Who can use a service address?

Company directors, shareholders or secretaries.

When forming a Limited company, a company director must provide both a home and service address. A shareholder and secretary will only need to provide one address (the home and service address can be the same). 
Once a company is incorporated, the service address will appear on the Companies House public register

Internet robots or web crawlers (a program that search engines use) find new information on the web, collect and store it in a searchable index. Using a Service Address service (when incorporating your company), is a great option for protecting your address ensuring these web crawlers do not store your home address.

What is the benefit of using your service address and not my own?

Many directors, company secretaries and shareholders only have one address - their residential address - so this is the address they use as their service address at Companies House. This means that their residential address is shown on the public record at Companies House.

By using our Service Address service, directors, company secretaries and shareholders can keep their residential address confidential as our London N1 address will be shown instead of their residential address.

I have multiple directors/secretaries/shareholders in my company. Can I use the service address for all of them?

Yes. The service can be spread across multiple officers for no extra cost.

What is the renewal cost?

Take a look at our annual service address service here.

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