I set up a limited company but I wanted to be a sole trader

To register as a sole trader is very different than registering a limited company.

If your company is incorporated (i.e. you have a company number), you will need to dissolve (close) the limited company. You cannot switch from a limited company to a sole trader as they are separate entities.

You can dissolve your company with us and we'll complete all the necessary documents, so you don't have to worry. Alternatively, you can complete a DS01 form and send it to Companies House. 

Next, you will need to register as a sole trader. Our Sole Trader service (Currently Unavailable) includes everything you need to set up including a free business bank account, or you can register yourself with HMRC

IMPORTANT: If you've purchased a limited company package and have not yet submitted the application, you can request a refund. See our refunds article for further information.

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