Company Tracker/Fraud Protection

The Fraud Protection service is designed to increase security and combat fraud by tracking your company's activity. This service also includes 3 credit reports which you can use to track yours or other company's credit status.

What is the Fraud Protection email I've been told will expire soon?

The Fraud Protection and 3 credit reports are valid for 1 year (from the date you set up your company with us) and is not linked to the expiry of your company in any way. You have the option to renew the service or not.

When changes are made to your company, we will always send you an email alert.
Changes include:

  • credit rating
  • filing of accounts and a confirmation statement
  • share capital amendments
  • registered office address

If you would like to renew this service or purchase a credit report, visit our sister company - Company Search MadeSimple. If you do not wish to renew, ignore the email as the service will end automatically.

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