How do I change the director's date of birth (DOB)?

Paper forms must be filed at Companies House to change the director's date of birth (DOB). Unfortunately, this cannot be changed online.

To change the date of birth you must file the following forms:

  • If the director was appointed during company formation you need to file both the RP02A and RPCH01 together.
  • If the director was appointed after company formation you need to file both the RP04 and AP01 together.

  • A PR03 form should only be completed if your company is part of Companies House's PROOF scheme. The PR03 form is only available upon request from Companies House. If you are not part of the PROOF scheme do not file this form.

The forms must be sent to the appropriate Companies House address that is stated on the forms. The processing time is 10 days and will be reflected on the Companies House register.

Once Companies House has updated the changes - click the sync data with companies house button available from your account, so the newly filed information is updated.

IMPORTANT: Due to new changes as of 10/10/2015, the director's day of birth will no longer appear on Companies House register. For example, if a director's full date of birth is 25th July 1990, it will appear on Companies House register as July 1990.

When setting up a company, you are still required to supply the director's correct date of birth.

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