Transfer Account Ownership

A transfer request is required when you want a company moved from one Company Formation MadeSimple account to another. For example, if you have an accountant they may need to access your company information to file documents on your behalf. Unfortunately, our system does not support multi logins.

To send a transfer request please either:

  • Ask the account holder to email us requesting that we transfer the company into your account; or
  • Supply us with the Web Filing Authentication code for the company; or
  • Provide passport copy for one of the directors whom would then need to undergo our online identity check.

All requests must be sent to including the company name, company number and the email address you would like the company transferred to.

Please note: The account owner is the only person to have access to the company information. If you're not the account owner and need to make a change, the account owner would need to send us an email from their MadeSimple user address requesting the changes.

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