Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number

A Unique Tax Reference number (UTR) is made up of 10 numbers and is posted by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to you when your company has been incorporated.

When is it needed?

The UTR number is needed to register for Corporation Tax and to file your Self Assessment tax return (tax return) to HMRC. HMRC use this number to identify you as a self-employed taxpayer.  If you are found to be operating as self-employed without notifying HMRC, you could be subject to fines and/or potential criminal prosecutions.

Where can I find my UTR number

If you've sent a tax return before 
 If you've already registered for Self Assessment you can find the UTR number:

  • on your previous Tax Return 
  • on a 'Notice to Complete a Tax Return' letter; or
  • your Statement of Account

If you haven't sent a tax return before
Within 21 working days (3 weeks) of your company's incorporation date, you will receive the UTR number in the post from HMRC. 

If you've recently purchased one of our company formation packages which included our London N1 Registered Office Service, HMRC will automatically post the UTR number to this address within 3 weeks of your company's incorporation date. When we receive the letter, we will scan it and email it to you. Should you wish to receive the original copy, you must request this by replying to the email we will send to you (which will contain a scanned copy of the document.)

Lost or not received the UTR number?

If you do not know or have misplaced the UTR number, you will need to call HMRC on the number below:

  • UK: 0300 200 3410
  • Outside UK: +44 151 268 0571

You will need to have your tax information to hand (national insurance number, date of birth, address, etc). HMRC will resend the UTR number to your registered office – they will not be able to give it to you over the phone.

Alternatively, if you know your login details you can find your UTR number via HMRC's online services.

We do not hold details of your UTR number.

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