How to complete your Confirmation Statement DIY

The annual return has been replaced by the confirmation statement as of 30 June 2016. With the confirmation statement, you must confirm that your basic company information has been delivered and is up to date.

If any information needs to be updated eg registered office, you must file these changes using the relevant forms (paper or online) before submitting the confirmation statement. 

You need:

What cannot be updated:

  • Changes to the share structure (i.e, the share capital)

If you want to add new shares to your company, you will need to have completed the issue of shares procedure before doing your confirmation statement. 
If you want to transfer shares in your company, you will need to have completed the transfer of shares procedure before doing your confirmation statement. 



Company Details

  • After your purchase, the confirmation statement (annual return) will appear on your dashboard. Click "Continue".

  • If you have not already updated your company information, click the "click here" button. This will ensure your confirmation statement is completely up to date.


Confirmation Statement Date

  • Your company's confirmation statement date is usually the anniversary of the incorporation or the last confirmation statement (annual return) filed at Companies House. You can enter an earlier date or leave it as is.


Has your company traded on the regulated market?

  • If your company has not traded on a regulated market (e.g., London Stock Exchange) select "No" - the majority of companies will select no.

  • If you answer yes, you will need to answer further questions.


Classification (SIC) codes 

Here, you will choose a code which reflects your company's business activity.
  • Click the "trade classification code" link to find the SIC code that reflects your company's business activity. 
  • Click the "Continue".


Registered Office

  • If your registered office address has changed, enter the new address. If you do not see this option, continue to step 6.


Secretary and Director

  • If given the option, update the secretary and director details. If you do not see this option, continue to step 7.
  • Click "Continue".


Share Capital

This is the total issued share capital in the company. The share capital is divided by currency and then divided by the share class within each currency. Individual shareholding details are completed in the next step.
  • Choose the type of "Share Class" and the "Amount Paid". 
  • Click "Continue".



This section represents if the company's share structure changed since the last confirmation statement (annual return) or since incorporation if this is the first confirmation statement. You need to update the shareholder information in regards to any transfer of shares or issue of shares that were made either to or from each shareholder. 

All updates are for the period since the last confirmation statement (annual return) was filed.


Enter new transfer

As you have already completed a transfer of shares, you now need to reflect this information here.
  • Click "edit" next to the shareholder who you are removing the shares from. 

  • Enter the amount of shares they now hold and click "Save".

  • Then, click "add new transfer" next to the same shareholder.

  • Enter the date they transferred their shares and the amount of shares transferred and save.


Transfer new shares

  • Select "edit" next to the shareholder receiving the shares and amend the share figure to the updated amount.
  • If the shareholder does not appear select "add new shareholder" (located at the top right-hand corner of page).
  • Enter the updated shares held and click "Save". 

    The new transfer will appear next to the shareholder:

I have more transfers to record
Repeat from step 9

All transfers are now recorded 
Continue to step 11


Additional shares

Have you issued any additional shares since the last confirmation statement or since the incorporation if this is the first confirmation statement? If yes, an issue of shares (SH01) must be completed first before continuing this section.


Assign new shares

  • If the shareholder who has been issued the new shares is an existing shareholder, click "edit" next to their name.
  • If the shareholder is not listed click "add new shareholder".


Assign new shares

  • Enter the new total for number held.
  • If editing an existing shareholder, the total number held will be the current number held plus the new amount issued and save.


Have all shares been allocated?

You can check this by clicking "add new shareholder" and checking the available shares. It will display '0' if all shares have been allocated.


Final Summary

Next, you will see the Final Summary, confirm all the details and click  "Send Application". Please note, this is the stage before you submit, so if you need to make any changes please go back.


Pending Confirmation Statement

Your confirmation statement application is now pending and waiting for approval from Companies House. Companies House will review it and usually accept it within 3 working hours. We will send a confirmation email once accepted.

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