Having Trouble with Jumio

    If you are experiencing issues with completing the online ID verification, please read through the following guidance and try validating yourself again.

    Taking a Photo of Your ID

    When taking a photo of your ID, ensure the  ID is flat and fits entirely inside the box No sides should be cut off.

    Your photo must meet the requirements below: 

    • Take a photo of the original document - Do not upload screenshots or black and white photocopies.
    • Ensure the photo on your ID is clear and not obscured by the hologram.
    • ID must be in date (not expired) and signed.
    • Ensure that the machine readable zone at the bottom of the passport is visible - Not cut off or covered by your fingers when holding the ID.

    Here is a Passport Example:

    Here is a Driving Licence Example:

    Taking a Selfie

    When taking a photo of your face,  centre your face in the frame and follow the on-screen instructions. For example, you may be asked to move closer or move backwards.

    Please ensure that your selfie meets the following requirements:

    • Hold the camera at eye-level and look directly into the camera - Do not hold the camera above, below or look away.
    • Take the photo against a plain background - With no other objects or persons in the photo.
    • Keep a neutral expression - Eyes must be opened and mouth closed. No squinting or smiling.
    • Take your photo under good even lighting - Do not take within a dark room.

    Still Need Help?

    If you are still experiencing problems with completing the online ID verification, please email our Customer Services team at theteam@madesimplegroup with screenshots and a brief explanation of your scenario.

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