Proof of ID and Address Requirements

All formation agents (that's us and our competitors) have a legal obligation to check Proof of ID and Proof of Address documents. This is to ensure we comply with 'Anti-Money Laundering' (AML) regulations and 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) requirements. Our free online Proof of ID check ensures you get validated quickly and simply.

Who needs to provide Proof of ID?

  • Basic and Professional packages: Account Holder
  • Privacy, Comprehensive & Ultimate packages: Account Holder, Directors and PSCs
    (Packages containing our address services)

In this article:

To activate your service:

Your service can not be activated until  all the necessary IDs have been verified.

With the help of Jumio's digital ID software, the ID process should be very simple to complete, you will just require:

  • The person being validated to be present for a photo.
  • One of the following ID documents for the person being validated:
    • Passport (Recommended)
    • Driving License
    • National ID card (Electronic Identification Card)
  • Scanned proof of residential address document (must be dated within 3 months and include the person's name).

  • A device with the ability to take a picture such as a webcam or camera phone.

Proof of Residential Address (we require one of the following for the account holder, and each director and person with significant control):

  • Utility Bill (Gas, Electric or Water)
  • Telephone bill (Mobile phone bills are not accepted)
  • Insurance Letter (Motor, Home or Life)
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Bank/ Building Society Statement (includes Credit Card Statement)
  • TV Licence
  • HM Revenue and Customs Letter/Notice of Coding
  • Letter from Benefits Agency
  • Financial Statement (e.g Pension/ Endowment)
  • Polling card

The Proof of Residential Address document must:

  1. Be dated within the last 3 months
  2. Show the account holder/company officer’s name and address
  3. Be written in English or accompanied by an English translation (by an Official Sworn Translator)


Below is a guide on what the system may look like for you. This may differ slightly depending on circumstances and devices but it follows the same simple protocol. 

  • When the need to present ID occurs, the following options will show.
    • If you cannot provide the documents at that moment in time, simply click "No, I want to validate later". You will then be sent an email with the link for the ID check to the email address linked to the account and this link will expire in 15 days. 

  • If you are ready to begin the verification process and you have the documents required ready, you can click on "Yes, start validation now" and the following screen will be presented to you: 

  • You will need to select the country that have issued your documents and select which document you would like to get verified. 

  • You have the choice of taking a photo of the document you have selected or uploading a picture of it from your device. Please note the front and back of the document will be required if it is a driving license or identity card. 

  • If you select to upload the picture, you just need to click on "Choose file" and upload the image to be verified. Please note, this will need to be as clear as possible. 

  • If you have selected to use a camera device to take a picture of your photographic ID then you will just need to follow the on screen instructions, pressing "Start" once ready. 

  • Once you have taken the image, please make sure to check the statements are met at the bottom of the page before confirming to increase the chance of success on the first try. 

  • This then needs to be repeated for the back of the photographic ID card (If applicable). 

  • Once this has been confirmed the system will require a live photo to be taken to be cross referenced with the photographic ID to make sure that they are the same person. If your camera device is not working, you can always go back and get the link to start the process again on another device. 

  • You must now follow all the on screen instructions to obtain the picture, this may include moving your camera more central or moving closer to the camera as an example. 

  • Once the picture has been taken, the proof of ID section is complete, now all that remains is the proof of address provision. You can select the document you can provide from the pre-approved list as seen below. 

  • Select "Upload file" and upload the image to be verified. Please note, this will need to be as clear as possible. 

  • Once uploaded, you will be able to make sure it is as clear as possible, and that the name, address and issue date is visible. Click "Continue".

  • This has now been sent to our verification providers and this check has been completed. 

  • If you were in the midst of a company application, you will now be returned to it for completion, 

An email will be sent you upon validation to confirm the status of the ID check. 

Failure to send the necessary documents

ID documents must be received within 6 weeks of your initial payment. Failure to send acceptable ID will result in your company being reported to Companies House and the removal of your Registered Office address.


I haven't got my ID documents to hand at the moment. Can I still incorporate my company?
Yes, you can select to verify later in which a link is sent to the email address linked to the account  and will last for 15 days in which it will expire. To activate again, you will need to log in to your account and start the verification process again. This will need to be completed as soon as possible to avoid service termination. 

Can I change the language the ID system is presented in? 
At this moment in time the only language is preset to English, however this is a feature that will be released in the near future. 

Can I use a mobile to verify my ID if I do not have a webcam?
Yes, you can then go back to finishing the application on the either device, whichever is easier for you as the systems will synchronise once a particular section is saved.  

What happens if my director or Person with Significant Control is a company and not a person?
You would need to provide a certificate of incorporation and corporate documents which show the company number, registered office address and company officers of that company. Please see the full list of documents here.

I am based overseas, can I also use this online verification tool?
Yes, this system is available to anybody as long as they have the required documentation and a device which can take a picture as disclosed in the "To activate your service" section. 

What happens if I cannot pass this check?
You may need to provide us with certified or notarised documents depending on where you are from, but in the meantime it is best to contact us at for more information. 

If I am the account holder and the officer of the company will I need to perform this check twice?
No, as long as the system can identify you being the same entity meaning same name (and spelling) and matched date of birth then you will only need to perform the check once yourself. 

How often would I need to provide ID documents?
We are legally obliged to conduct ongoing compliance checks to ensure that all identity information are correct and up to date. Therefore, you will be required to provide new documents, for example, when your passport has expired, residential address has changed, or if the documents on file are older than 3 years.

There was an error, what do I do? If you are experiencing problems with completing the online ID verification, please take a look at the Having Trouble with Jumio article or email our Customer Services team at theteam@madesimplegroup with screenshots and a brief explanation of your scenario.

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