RP07 Filed Against My Company, What to do now?

What is an RP07 and why would it be filed?

A RP07 form (Application to change a company's disputed registered office address) will be filed with Companies House should our address be used as a company’s registered office address without having authority to do so. This may be due to:-

  • Missed Renewal Payments
  • ID Validation Missing or Unsuccessful
  • Service not paid for or abused

Once this has been filed, Companies House will remove our address as your registered office, and put their default Cardiff address in its place. Once filed, only a paper AD01 form can be used to update the registered office address. 

How will I know if an RP07 has been filed against my company?

We send numerous warnings before filing  RP07 against a company to the email address linked with your account. If no action has been taken by a particular date we will file the RP07. 

Once filed, Companies House will send a letter to the director/s of the company informing them of this process and the next steps. If you have received this letter, please contact us before making any renewal purchase. 

Can I use your address again if I purchase the service after the RP07 has been filed?

In most cases you will be able to, but we suggest that prior to purchasing the service, you contact customer services on 0207 608 5500 who will be able to advise you accordingly. 

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