How secure is my mail?

If you use our registered office service, we will receive your company's Government mail* at our address, scan it and email it directly to you. This article explains what happens to your mail and what security practices we have in place.

*With this service we can process mail from the organisations listed in this article 

What happens to my mail once it reaches your office?

  • Your mail is delivered to our office by Royal Mail and courier. 
  • Once received, our post team sort the mail into categories in preparation for scanning. 
  • We use an industrial letter opener machine which opens 100s of letters per minute. 
  • The stacks of opened letters are then placed into the scanner, where the system matches the name against our database and sends the item to you. 
  • Where the system is not sure about a match it will defer to human analysis of the name and address. 
  • We store each physical batch for 7 days in case you require the original forwarded on. 
  • We employ a secure shredding company to destroy the physical items after this time.

Who has access to my mail?

Only our post team and the secure shredding company have access to your mail. 

How secure are the emails which include my scanned mail?

All emails are encrypted using using industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is a protocol that helps provide privacy between communicating applications and their users during email delivery. When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party can overhear or tamper with any messages.

Can I choose to disable the email attachments of my scanned mail?

Yes, if you prefer you can disable sending your mail scans as attachments. Do this from your Company Inbox Settings. We will still send you an email notifying you of any new mail so you can login and download it.

Who has access to my scanned mail?

Your PDF mail scans are stored in an isolated environment, dedicated solely for mail storage. All files are encrypted while stored. Access is only granted to yourself and our customer service team so they can assist you and send on documents at your request.

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