How to appoint a corporate PSC

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How to appoint a corporate PSC during company registration

  1. When in the company registration, go to the PSC section.

  2. Next to 'To make a corporate appointment' on the right-hand side, click the click here button.

  3. Enter the corporate PSC information and click Continue. You should see the PSC has been added.

  4. Continue filling out the rest of your company registration and submit it. Once your company is incorporated (within 3 working hours), you'll be able to see all your company information when you log into your account.

How to appoint a corporate PSC after company registration

  1. Log in to your Companies Made Simple account.
  2. From "My Account" or from your "dashboard", click on "My Companies" and then click on the relevant company name on the "My Companies" page.

  3. Scroll down to the PSC section, click on "Add PSC" and click on "Add corporate PSC" on the right-hand side and fill in the required information and click submit. 

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