Changes to your share structure and shareholder details

Changes to your company's share structure eg, issue new shares, and shareholder information eg, residential/service address, cannot be updated via your MadeSimple account. You will need to legally file the appropriate forms (online or paper) at Companies House.

How do I change the residential/service address details?

The residential/service address and other personal information of the shareholder can be changed by entering the new information in the confirmation statement and filing it at Companies House. Companies House will usually update this information within 24 hours.

Can I decrease my share capital?

Yes, you can. However, we do not offer a service to decrease share capital and, therefore, you will need to speak with an accountant or with Companies House on 0303 1234 500 in order to do so.

How do I remove a shareholder from a company?

To remove a shareholder, you will need to transfer all the share(s) they hold to another shareholder.
If you do not want to transfer, but remove the shares from the company completely, you would need to contact Companies House on  0303 1234 500 as we do not have a service for this.

PLEASE REMEMBER! A limited by shares company requires a minimum of one shareholder to operate.

How do I add a new shareholder to a company?

To appoint a new shareholder (human or director) to your company, you will need to either transfer the shares that already exist in your company or issue new shares

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