Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number


What is a UTR?

A Unique Tax Reference number (UTR) is made up of 10 numbers and is posted by HM Revenue and Customs to you when your company has been incorporated. The UTR is used to file your Self Assessment Tax Returns. 

When is it needed?

You will need your UTR number to register for corporation tax within 3 months of starting doing business, such as buying, selling, advertising, etc. You will also need it when you file Self Assessment Tax Returns to HMRC.

Where can I find my UTR number?

You can find the UTR number on any correspondence issued by HMRC such as a Statement of Account or a Tax Return.

Once a limited company has been formed, Companies House will notify HMRC of the company’s incorporation. Roughly three weeks after your company's incorporation, HMRC will send you a letter to your registered office explaining what the company needs to do next, in this letter you will find the “Unique Tax Reference” or “UTR”.  

If you purchased our Registered Office Service, HMRC will automatically send the UTR letter to our N1 address within these 3 weeks, and then we will forward it to your home address.

Lost or did not receive your UTR number?

Contact HMRC and they will issue another one in the post.


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